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Candidates have a number of options:

  1. CPR/AED: offered at three levels:

    1. Level A: Adult CPR

    2. ​Level C: Adult, Child, and Infant - This is the level that most people will take

    3. Level BLS: Basic Life Support - Advanced CPR

  2. ​EFA (Emergency First Aid) with CPR/AED - 1 day

  3. SFA (Standard First Aid) with CPR/AED - 2 Consecutive days

  4. Babysitting

  5. Stay Safe



  1. Regular Classroom option in which the entire course is covered in a classroom setting

  2. Blended option in which candidates initially use on line study and then attend a classroom in order to facilitate the practical aspects of the course.  The dates posted for this option represent the in class component.  Candidates should allow 28 days before that date in order to complete the online part of the course.

  3. Retraining courses are available.  Candidates should note that in order to qualify for a retraining course they must show proof of a current certification card. 

Candidates should note:

  1. The date shown for a Blended course is for the in class component. Registrations for these type of courses should be received 28 days before the date shown in order to allow the necessary time to complete the online component.

  2. A requirement for attending a Retraining (Recert) course is that one has a current certification card. 

  3. The date posted for a two day course is the first day of two consecutive days.